Fundraise Your Program Fee With World Youth International

There is no registration or application fee to sign up for an overseas volunteer program with World Youth International. Once you apply and have been interviewed, you have two weeks to secure your place on the program by paying World Youth International a deposit of £300. Your deposit will be deducted from your overall program fee and your balance can be funded by one of the following options.

OPTION 1 – Set up a monthly payment plan

World Youth International allows you to set up a monthly payment plan so you can pay off your program fee over an agreed time period. Once you have paid your initial deposit of £300, we will provide you with an invoice that will outline how much you must pay each month. Simply set up a direct transfer payment each month from your bank to ours and we will take care of the rest! Payment plans can be created for up to 18 months. Your final payment must be received no less than 90 days prior to your program start date.

OPTION 2 – Fundraise the balance of your program fees

Once you have been interviewed and paid your initial deposit of £300, you may choose to fundraise the balance of your program fees. We will create a personal fundraising page for you which is attached to our website. Your friends, family and work colleagues can easily make donations directly to your page, it’s very user-friendly! Your page will have information on your program, your personal story and lots of photos to engage your donors. Once a donation has been received, a receipt will be sent to the donor and their donation details will be added to your fundraising page.

You will be required to complete all fundraising at least 90 days prior to your program start date. If you have raised more than your intended goal, World Youth International will set those funds aside and allow you to spend the money on a chosen project in-country. If you have not reached your intended goal, you will be required to pay the balance owing to ensure your program fee is paid in full. Either way, program fees must be paid in full no less that 90 days prior to your program start date.

Please note - You are only permitted to fundraise for your program fees. You cannot fundraise to cover your airfares or any other expenses you may incur.

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