How can I help?

World Youth International knows first-hand just how powerful one person can be! We also understand the positive impact created when you are one of many who come together to partner with communities in developing countries and become part of their solution. Join one of our international volunteer programs and be part of an organisation making a big difference in our global community!

Our volunteer programs contribute to the following:

  • Improving access to quality healthcare services in rural communities;
  • Promoting women’s economic empowerment;
  • Connecting people to build capacity and support communities in need;
  • Fostering personal and professional growth.

Nurses in Action

Work with your team to provide healthcare to people in remote communities

Nurses in Action (NIA) is a team-based program held over 3 - 4 weeks which allows nurses and allied health professionals to provide primary healthcare services to people living in remote communities.

You will learn about local healthcare systems and work in local Medical Clinics, Hospitals, on Community Outreach Programs and participate in Medical Camps, alongside local staff, community members and your team.

Program Highlights

  • Work within a team of likeminded professonals;
  • Receive support and guidance from a trained team leader;
  • Participate in a diverse range of experiences including home visits, medical camps and placements;
  • Indulge in a rest and relaxation package half way through your program;
  • Enjoy the comfort of knowing that everything is organised for you;
  • There are never more than 12 volunteers in your team, providing you with a personal experience;
  • Participate in a comprehensive orientation program with your team when you arrive in country.

Global Adventurer's Program

We believe in the power of the individual to make real change

Our Global Adventurer's Program, also known as GAP, covers a range of individual programs for both students and professionals. We facilitate placements ranging from 2 - 8 weeks and you can even bring your partner on this program.

Program Highlights

  • Individual program allowing you to take control of your program and get into your placements straight away;
  • Flexible program dates and lengths, start any week of the year;
  • Add a GAP at the end of your Nurses in Action Program in Kenya and we will offer you a free 3-day safari* through the infamous Masai Mara Game Reserve! Conditions Apply.

Safety and Security

Along with providing a life-changing experience, your safety on our program is our priority. We have an extensive range of policies in place to ensure you return home safely and have an amazing experience overseas.

We only send volunteers to countries that are safe and politically stable. If it is not safe, we do not go.

You will have 24/7 support from our in-country team and also that of our emergency coordinator.

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