World Youth International Global Project

World Youth International works with local in-country, community-based partners to implement projects designed to engage women in income-generation and economic empowerment activities, with the intention of helping women to improve their financial security and lift their families out of poverty. Research shows that when women put their majority of their incomes back towards their family and community, and that if a woman is lifted out of poverty, her children are much more likely to be healthier, more educated, and earn higher incomes in the future. Therefore, WYI recognises the importance of investing in projects that are focused on women’s economic empowerment, as a means of lifting entire families and communities out of poverty. We currently work with multiple partners in Kenya to deliver this work including The Mango Tree.

World Youth International works with The Mango Tree in Kenya to implement agriculture and income-generation activities that engage whole families, including goat-breeding projects and chicken farms.

Local farmers are engaged to receive training and support to buy goats and chickens, build farming infrastructure, and participate in ongoing activities to help increase their incomes through the breeding and sale of these animals at local markets.

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